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Simon Redekop ( Feb 02, 1977) Is a Canadian artist. For more information you can Email;:

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--- PRESENT---

In January of 2015 Simon started a music project with long time friend and creative partner Dustin Cole. BOGENS

At this Time BOGENS and music are the main focus for Simon.

Here is a map of there latest video shooty.

March 2015 moved into Deep Blu

-----30yrs Young---

-----20yrs Young---

Simon studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Capilano College, B.C. graduating in 2000. He was inspired by the work of Erin McSaveney and Jeff Depner who graduated 2 years ahead of him.
After graduation, Simon and Mike Swaney conceived "Humanfive" , an art collective, and began to collaborate on many different projects. The collective functioned for 7 years creating sculptures, drawings, and paintings together, and had shows internationally as well as a few local solo shows. They also created extremely unique snowboard designs for Capita Snowboards from 2000-2003. The collective grew to 4 people, adding Jaret Penner to the mix in 2001 and long time friend Tyler Lepore in 2006.
In 2002 Simon embarked on a life changing journey. He visited Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Australia. He was gone for almost 2 years before returning to Vancouver and his artist collective. Simon also travelled with his best friend Rory Woods for 6 months visiting 6 countries together. Simons Humanfive co-founder Mike Swaney met up with him a year later and Simon and Mike drew and hung out in Thailand for a month before Simon went on to Australia and Mike went on to meet the love of his life in Spain.
Simon and Davin developed a musical project titled "bro deisL" in 2005. However they both went on to pursue other goals and took a hiatus until 2014. They are to release their first project "brosure" Christmas 2015.
In 2007, Simon started to investigate and study video production. He was inspired by his peers Jeffro and Corey Adams series Bangmaster generals.
Simon continued to study video production and vfx on his own terms throughout 2008-2015.He has experimented with various genres namely live visuals, music videos, short narrative, education, and educational series.
Liz is an avid quilter and they have collaborated on one baby quilt for Simons friend Mike Swaney thus far.


--- EARLY LIFE ---

Born in Dawson Creek, B.C. to Canadian father Ted Redekop and Australian mother Liz Jericho. He grew up in south Langley B.C., 8 blocks from the Canada/USA border, with his two brothers Davin and Kyle.
Simon is the eldest of 3 brothers and a dual citizen (2nd class citizen). His brother Davin was born in 1980 and his brother Kyle in 1986.
As a family they have travelled to Australia 4 times to visit their grandparents and Australian relatives. They learned at a young age what a true beach looks like.
Ted and Liz are still together and married in 2012 on a beach in Lahaina, Maui. Simon, his 2 brothers, and their respective girlfriends went along and the wedding was a surprise announcement when they arrived.
Ted built a successful accounting firm with partners in Aldergrove B.C in which Simons youngest brother Kyle now works.
Liz worked as a nurse for over 35 years at the Langley General Hospital.
Liz and Ted have always inspired Simon and continue to do so with their steadiness, support, and lifestyle. They also introduced him to various artistic disciplines, always had music playing, and had art on the walls.
As a young lad Simon was enrolled in soccer, track & field, and other running sports.
He always enjoyed drawing and on a trip to Oz he did field drawings with his father and was very inspired to develop the skill his dad had.
Simon began skateboarding in grade 8 and by grade 9 was spending the majority of his free time practicing tricks with his peers and brother.

------------------------------Under Construction....More to Come------------------------------------------------------

For more information you can Email;:

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